Responding to interests

Communicating with Bible study requests

The Power of Permission

When a local interest sees your ad on Facebook, Google, or Instagram they are invited to receive a free Bible study. Each ad has a theme, but there is never a clear indication of which study they will be receiving. This gives you the opportunity to receive permission to contact the new interest for more information. Below you'll find specific scripts and tactics, but here are three things to keep in mind during your contact.

  • Know the need

    Look at the offer name in InterestTracker before contacting the Interest. The type of ad they responded to will help you understand a little bit more about what attracted them to the request—(to better understand our various offers Click Here.)

  • Introduce yourself

    Interests have seen an ad and received an email from My Free Bible Study, so use this name to build trust. Introduce yourself as the local church that is connected to My Free Bible Study to help them know why you contacted them.

  • Make it about them

    When we sign up for something on the internet any communication we receive needs to be focused on our experience. You'll see in the scripts below how we focus on the needs of the interest. Remember, they didn't sign up to learn to be an Adventist. Start with what they need and build a relationship.

Recommended Communication Path

On almost all leads you'll receive a phone number, email, and address. We recommend starting your communication with a phone call. If you end up leaving a message or don't get through then send both an SMS/text and an email as a follow-up. If your church has physical studies or has a welcome postcard, you can mail that out to the new interests every week with a personal message and contact information.

First Contact Scripts

Initial Phone Call — (before responding always spend time in prayer before making these calls)

"Hi [INTEREST FIRST NAME], This is [YOUR FIRST NAME] from My Free Bible Study. Did I catch you at a good time, this will only take a moment? I wanted to give you a quick call for two reasons. One, I wanted to find out how you would like to receive your Bible studies that you requested online. We can send them [YOUR DELIVERY METHODS - Example by email or mail them to you]. Which method would work best? Second, when a request comes to me I like to be sure to pray for that person as they start to explore these Bible studies. I was praying for you earlier and really felt like I should find out if there is something specific you could use prayer for. What specific thing can I pray for you? [WAIT,LISTEN,EMPATHIZE].

[FINISH CALL WITH] Can I pray for you over the phone now?

Leaving a Message In case they don't pick up

"Hi [INTEREST FIRST NAME], This is [YOUR FIRST NAME] from My Free Bible Study. I wanted to give you a quick call to let you know that there are a few options for the study you requested online. I will send you a quick text and email to find out that information for you, so that we can get you your studies quickly. If there is anything pressing that I can do in the meantime, prayer or just an ear to talk, let me know and I can give you a call back. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Sending the Email


This is [YOUR FIRST NAME] from My Free Bible Study. I just left a message on your phone and wanted to get a quick answer to your request for a Bible study on the subject of [OFFER NAME].

We can deliver studies a few ways and I just need to know if you would prefer in-person delivery, mailing, or via email.

If you would just send me a quick email letting me know your preference I can start getting the studies out to you.

Also, whenever I get a Bible study request I like to take time to pray for you as you begin your studies. I know that it is a difficult time for many right now and was wondering if there was anything specific that I could pray about for you?

Blessings and have a great day,

[YOUR NAME]My Free Bible Study

Follow-up SMS/TEXT

"Hi [INTEREST FIRST NAME], this is [YOUR FIRST NAME] from My Free Bible Study. I just need a quick piece of information to send you the study you requested. I sent an email with details. Call, text or email me and we'll get these free materials out to you. Have a great day. Blessings, [YOUR NAME]