Minimum Interest Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll get more with LeadGenerator


A guarantee is only as good as the terms of the deal. And after years of lead generation experience and testing digital marketing strategies, we’re confident that we can find people in your community that want to study the Bible. That’s why we back up this program with a money-back guarantee.

Satisfaction Promise
If we can't find qualified leads in your community, we'll work with you to either change your subscription level or extend the reach, depending on your area.
Money Back Guarantee
Alas, if we fail to meet the minimum number of monthly leads you signed up for, we'll give you your money back, no questions asked. It's as simple as that!
Lead Protection
If any two full, consecutive months do not meet the terms of a Satisfactory Month, you can either reduce your services or cancel them altogether.
The Guarantee
Get your leads in 60 days or get your money back.
Your program includes a set number of leads per month, and we are determined to get them for you. If one month is short we’ll make up the difference the next month. If we can’t get you enough qualified leads two months in a row, you have the option to end your contract or reduce your participation without any cancellation fees. If you opt to cancel you will receive a refund for your annual program cost, minus the qualified leads you have already received.
The Details
What is a qualified lead?

Our program invites people in your local area to request a Bible study. A qualified lead is anyone who makes that request who is:

  • Within 3 miles of any ZIP code or geographic range associated with your campaign
  • And not a duplicate response within a 30-day period (based on matching contact name and email)
The Terms