LeadGenerator helps your church reach people ready to study the Bible. Unlike with traditional Bible study card mailings, you'll get Bible study requests through a year-round online campaign, offering guaranteed connections every month to build your interest list and grow your ministry.


Year-Round Balanced Program

Our marketing team is focused on getting you the connections you requested—every single month. We’ll adjust ads and manage your accounts to ensure that you are receiving the number of quality Bible study leads your church can handle every month.


Well-Rounded Online Advertising

LeadGenerator is designed to meet people where they are by targeting them when the need is the highest. We combine multiple online platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising to help find people right when they are most open.


Dedicated Marketing Coordinator

With LeadGenerator, you'll get personal support, up-to-date reports, and scheduled online meetings with the dedicated marketing expert that is managing your campaign. You’ll know how your efforts are progressing and you can work with your marketing coordinator to make the adjustments that make sense for your ministry.


Fast and Flexible

Because we use online methods exclusively, we can make adjustments to the changing world climate within hours, not weeks. Unlike direct mail, which requires long lead times to adjust messaging and reach, online advertising allows you to expand or retract your campaign based on changing needs.

Evangelism as easy as


Get started in less than 5 minutes and start seeing your first Bible study connections within days of launching your campaign. Shouldn't evangelism marketing always be this easy?

Start connecting with your community.

With LeadGenerator, you’ll know the moment that someone from your community is first open to studying the Bible.

A Year-long Program for Year-round Needs

Let us focus on finding interests throughout the year, so you can focus on building relationships with your interests.

Comprehensive Multi-touch Campaign

We combine multiple online platforms to help reach people in your community right when they are most open.

Minimum Monthly Results, Guaranteed

We guarantee you minimum monthly interest requests based on the plan you choose, and you can upgrade at any time!

Professional, Friendly, & Church-focused

Dedicated marketing coordinators work diligently to connect churches with new Bible study interests every month.

Starting at $23 per request.

Choose the plan that best meets your needs to get started today.

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"Many of our churches are using SermonView now for their evangelism marketing needs and have been seeing great results. I am blown away at how God is using this church to reach their community! They’ve recently received around 100 requests for Bible studies from their community!"

Timothy Taylor
Thanks for all your help! We just started LeadGenerator this month, and so far we've received over 137 interest requests and 8 completed Bible study lessons in the first month. We are praising God for that!
Mark Kent
Thank you, thank you, thank you! The follow-up process using InterestTracker is great! It's nice to have all the To-Do items together so we can keep track of our LeadGenerator requests and activities so much easier.
Debrah Bush
LeadGenerator has been very effective for usthe program fits very well with my outlook on how to reach the community. We have already received 25 leads in the first two weeks of our campaign!
Bobby Harris

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