Inspirational Texts


Weekly Inspiration For Your Interests

Churches want to know how to better use their interest list to build relationships. One answer comes from the brand-loyalty best practices found in the business world.

The corporate world knows that once someone gets on their interest list that it requires reaching out multiple times in order to build a connection. The data suggest that number is an average of 8. That means that you need to reach out to your interest list an average of 8 times, with something that they find important or interesting (not something we find important or interesting.) So, how can we easily reach out to our neighbors through InterestTracker in a way that is meaningful and encourages connection? Try a weekly inspirational text.

What if you sent a text every Friday to your interest list? What if every inspiration contained a positive message, drove people to read their Bible, and invited people to reach back to your ministry team?

We recommend a few best practices for turning this weekly inspiration into a positive encouragement, sure to build bridges with your interest list.

First a sample text:

"God Cares! Life can feel like an endless storm, but hold fast! For in the eye of the storm God is with you, bringing serenity and peace (Mark 4:39). Need Prayer? Reply to this text"

  1. Start the same: By using a short, consistent phrase at the beginning of your text you create a mental anchor as to what the text is and who it is coming from. We use God Cares! because it is short, meaningful, and matches an ad campaign that seems to really resonate with people across the country.
  2. Be inspirational: The feel of your message should always be one that speaks into a person's life. This isn't the time for teaching or admonishing. This is the time to encourage and lift up.
  3. End with a call for connection: By encouraging a reply text you give your reader permission to start a conversation. Need prayer? is a short and easy way to invite a response.

By adding a weekly inspirational text to your communication stream you will build deeper roots with your interests and encourage connection outside of your evangelistic series.

InterestTracker's Text Messaging feature is required to send regular texts. The text message subscription starts at just $39.99/mo. with no contracts.